Overseas Sourcing
China express

Why sourcing overseas

Sourcing overseas is generally considered a lower cost country sourcing, the cost savings are one of the main advantages of overseas sourcing. The costs of buying direct from overseas manufacturers are generally lower. In the promotional product industry, most companies have very tight budgets for their marketing, overseas sourcing can be a great way to maximise their bottom lines.

Benefits of sourcing overseas

Besides the competitive unit price, other benefits are also obvious from sourcing overseas.

  1. The availability of latest technology that exists in the markets
  2. Reach the cutting-edge research, design or specialised knowledge
  3. Access some materials that may not be available in USA
  4. The massive production capabilities in overseas
  5. More available suppliers in overseas for you to choose

Disadvantages of sourcing overseas

Overseas sourcing is more complex than purchasing in USA. There are challenges of quality risks, production time, complicated logistics, and increasing rules and regulations.

Why sourcing with us

With more than 14 dedicated staff in China, a large supplier database, and extensive experience on your side, you can be assured that you will be using one of the very best sourcing companies in USA. Finding quality Chinese suppliers and products is what we do.

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